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Game Scheduling Rules

Scheduling guidelines & rules:

1) Have fun!

2) Please validate your schedule as soon as possible. Notify us of mistakes only. This was a very difficult process and we apologize in advance if your schedule is not ideal or against your preferences. Schedule changes cannot be considered at this time. If you need to change location or time for a game on your schedule, coordinate with the other coach.

3) The RALL schedule will run for 4 weeks. We ask that you honor your RALL committments by making every effort to play your games as scheduled We scheduled most teams for 8 games. The Host Site will need to provide officials for 3 games. # teams will be playing and play at 9, 10, and 11am on Saturdays. There are a few teams that may have a BYE team mixed in due to an odd number of teams. If you would like more games, all of the coach contacts are on our Team List page. Feel free to contact other coaches to add games.

4) It is the Home coaches responsibility to contact the Visiting coaches at least 3 days prior to each game to confirm start time and field availability. This is especially important early in the season with the field conditions & weather. Failure of the Home coach to do this gives the right to the Visiting coach to hound the Home coach mercilessly until the game is confirmed.

5) See Rule #1.

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