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RALL Schedule for 2015 is now Complete and Final. Enjoy your season!

1/28/13 Here are is a link to the Rochester Board of Women's Lacrosse Officials website that contains links to all of the rules, manuals, and other interesting girls lacrosse information -  
4/10/11 Game Management Instructions are now available for Town Administrators to Manage the dates and times of their town's Home Games.  

US Lacrosse Women's Rules Manuals
Now available for viewing online and printing are the US Lacrosse Women's Lacrosse Rule Books and The Umpire's Manual for Women's Lacrosse. Please visit the Rochester Board of Women's Lacrosse Officials website for more information.


Field Dimension Sheets
Detailed measurements specs now available for youth Boys Small, Medium, and Large and also for youth Girls fields. Courtesy of Dave Schumann from Spencerport.

3/14/07 Art Alvut, longtime F.O.R. (Friend of RALL) is the President of ROC E6, an organization promoting lacrosse in the inner city of Rochester.  Please read here for more information about this program and how you can help or contact Art Alvut.  
3/31/07 Looking for extra games?  Check the Game Match page.  
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